Red Rose Soap

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Red Rose Soap

• The Ayurvedic soaps helps in treating blemishes, blackheads and giving an extra glowing skin.
• Helps in maintaining a forever-young skin as it is free from chemicals
• Made from Panchagavya (cow urine, cow dung, curd, ghee, milk) components and exclusive good herbal soap
• The beauty products are not only to look good but a strong medium to protect skin, making the body healthy, pure and clean
• Sudarshan Panchagavya soap is made from medicinal herbs, which has the ability to give you a fresh and glowing skin all day long. The herbs would also prevent infections from germs and clear scars from your skin.

Red Rose Soap Herbal Hand Made Soap Most of the commercial soaps contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin and using a natural herbal soap can be a good alternative. Herbal soaps are made using natural herbs and ingredients that are healthier and beneficial for the skin and are less likely to cause any damaging effect. Made of rare herbs and 100% natural ingredients, herbal soaps have found to be highly beneficial for the skin. The herbs infused in these soaps have therapeutic and healing characteristics that offer specific benefits to the skin, such as nourishment, strength, healing and moisturizing. These soaps also contain super Cow Ghee, Vitamin E, aloe vera and essential oils, that all lead to the goodness of skin and overall health. Herbal soaps are also effective in curing different skin complaints. These soaps also contain glycerin, which is generally not used in commercial soaps. Glycerin helps in retaining the moisture in the skin thereby making these soaps for dry skin conditions. Ingredients Good quality herbal soaps are made using natural herbs, food grade vegetable oils, essential oils and other natural ingredients. Some common ingredients that are used in making these soaps are certified organic olive, coconut, palm, soybean, castor and almond oils, with the addition of cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin e and essential oils. These soaps do not contain any additives, synthetics, fillers, petroleum distillates, chemicals, dyes, or metals.

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