About Sudarshan Wellness

Sudarshan Wellness Pvt Ltd is a company that is a part of Sudarshan Group. 
Sudarshan Group is a company to say, but it is a mission to make India a world master. For him, we have made different dimensions for the needs of the companies in the modern era hence name companies are given; therefore the important companies are Sudarshan Chanel Company limited.
What is known as Sudarshan NewsZad is that the nationalist youth channel is run on Sudarshan News, which is seen in every country.
Sudarshan has created credibility in 12 years. With this we have also introduced Sudarshan Wellness, we have started a dimension connected to a health. At the same time, there are many dimensions of our social sector, in which trust is the Save Cow which works to save the cows, lobbing for the cow promotes the usefulness of the cow.

Lobbying with the government with the social institutions. With this, the Sudarshan Reliving Fund is a trust which disrupts anywhere in the country, then it immediately arrives at the place where there is a disaster in Nepal, the floods of Bihar should be done by Chennai, Orissa and Maharashtra are drought Or natural disaster in the states of post-apocalypse, Sudarshan is the best way to reach the government at such places. Shivanganga is another dimension by which we are moving towards the people of Ganga's mission and creating Sudarshan Nation. This is another social dimension in which we are working in education, health rites, in 12 types of areas in which the country - The foreigners of the country are connected, working with such a variety of subjects, the group of Sudarshan Group does not consider the group, but the hundred hundred people Sion to consider your family.



 Sudarshan Wellness has given many types of things in Vision, out of which we have started Sudarshan Ayurveda

At the same time, we will also bring a wellness resort, in which people will be treated with weight loss and serious chronic diseases with all kinds of dialect. These will be proposed in different states of the country.

With the help of people living with the nature, we will add Sudhiran Wellness to the rest of the treatment of AYUSH, and not only in the country but also in our efforts to reach each and every tahsil of Hindus. That's why we have set a target of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to reach the tahsil level of India till 1018 and reach every village of India till 2022.  For this, you join us, earn money and also serve with money.


The mission of Sudarshan Wellness is that as the contribution of Narendra Modi's contribution, efforts and thousands of Yoga of Hindus has given Yoga the international recognition.

The mission of Sudarshan Wellness is that as the contribution of Narendra Modi's contribution, efforts and the efforts of Yoga of thousands of years have made Yoga an internationally recognized world, similarly we believe that Ayurveda is ours as much as ours. Rather, there is more scientific scientific areas than yoga. If we give this region the same recognition as Yoga at the international level, then not only will the world of Indianity go to the world, but the world will survive from the clutches of allopathic companies, as well as the entire Hindustan will get employment from it. Our nature will be properly utilized. And another example of this scientific treatment method will be presented to Hindustan, which is worthy of world ... Establishing Veda Sudarshan mission of wellness

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